Stagmata -THE LYRICS

In Bleeding Antlers we share a love of songs that tell a story, and we wanted to share these stories with you



Murder (and the strength of the absurd)


Three monstrous days across the sand

Each step a suffering that faith commands

An eternal tribute to his sacrifice  


He killed the lamb god appointed

From that day forth grew old

His eyes forever darkened

He saw joy no more 


The largest headstone in his desolate inner cemetery 

It is a murder and all of life is but a trial 





Half Hanged Mary 


At the end of my rope, losing all hope in winters despair 

Crows peck at my eyes, a morbid disguise and God didn’t care 

This is not a false accusation no more, can I get an Amen?!

This is what it takes to blacken my blood, can I get an Amen?!


Oh Hadley, you’ll be seeing me again!

You’ve judged me, oh I’ll see you again!

Sickness and curses go hide in your churches but I’ll be seeing you again!

‘cause I’m back from the grave with a purified rage and I, I will have my revenge!


As I hung by the neck, they thought I was dead, and they might be right 

The morning chill, so frozen and still, as I open my eyes 

This is not, a false accusation no more, can I get an Amen?!

This is what it takes to blacken my blood, can I get an Amen?!


Pray as the sun turns black, this witch is coming back 

Know I’m of singular mind, innocence left behind 

Pray as your churches burn

Pray that it’s not your turn

Reap what you sow my friend

We all hang in the end 







My frail slumber is torn asunder by one who’s serpentine of tail

I’ll be your plunder, feed the ragged hunger inside your glacial cave 

He’ll be our monstrous birth 


‘Don’t fear the sound of your hooves baby

I know you’ll soothe me back to sleep 

‘Don’t fear the sound of your hooves baby 

I know you’ll soothe me back to sleep  


Teratogenic, cambion conception, so much corruption to be made 

I take repletion, you my emissions in this unholy trade





The Forefather 


I don’t need hope because I have the will, power and hatred

Alone, I rise to claim my destiny freed of all bondage

Once loved, I’ve been seduced, betrayed and ostracised

Once weak, now you’ll feel my vengeance

No quarter’s coming when I burn down your sanctum


Laid at my feet slain, make the gods fear my name. The Impenitent Son!

Shedder of blood, doer of deeds unholy and unnamed

But a piece of me dies, bound to my blood crime. 

I am Tyrannus!

So I shatter my heels, these debts I owe can’t ever be repaid 


Wear my sins, o’ treacherous son who seeks to devour his creator

I hold inside me a place you’ll soon know

The place where all light dies

My empire is built upon sand and paid for in blood and shame

Gods know wrath better than guilt

There’s no turning back when the bridges are burning 





You, Me and Oliver Reed 


If you listen closely, you can hear the lonely call of a glass almost empty, dying to feel replete

Less swagger, more stagger through the wandering paths I love

Soothed by the knowing that some aren’t made to be old


I’ve got hooves on my back and he’s steadily riding me home

You, me and Oliver Reed

Hot sweet breath on my neck, endlessly lashing his tongue

You, me and Oliver Reed


Derelict and rootless, come in from the cold

Drowning not waving is a tale that’s grey and old

A glassy eyed romance with no grave but the sea

A belly full of charcoal won’t bring camaraderie


It always ends the same

Ashen, sunken and lame

We’re all dead anyway

It all ends the same


Listen to his stories, feel the alluring gaze

Blinded by brightness, the wonder turns to rage

A age old companion so easily released

I’ll see your monkey and raise you a leaden beast  





The Place of Dead Things 


I was born of monolith

Both temple and tomb, I am become

This is the place of dead things


Black rains pour down, wash away these ills

I’m tired and I’m faithless, indentured and sore

This is the place of dead things 

Yield to the gods of the olden ways

Prostrate yourself at their feet 

Weep for the loss of all that’s whole

Because this is the place of dead things


With all of the fragments lost 

All I’ve left in the core is certainty 





O’ Satan 


Lament me in your congregation

Pray for my immortal soul

To fail in here is to fail at life

Oh, poor rapacious and accursed me

Feed me the lie of remembrance

I can’t digest it but I like the taste


O’ Satan hear me now

I’m on my way back down 

I’m on my way back down 


Regard me with a scarlet eye, spurn all affinity

All I know is all that’s known

All nature is through fire renewed

Beating out irons in the the frozen foundry, as a one man state and I’m nobodies son






I’m just a bachelor, looking for a partner

Someone who knows how to ride without even falling off

Gotta be compatible, take me to my limits

‘Cause girl when I break you off I promise that you won’t want to get off


If you’re horny, let’s do it

Ride it, my pony

My saddle is waiting

Baby, jump on it 


We’re gonna get nasty baby

First we’ll show and tell, ’til I reach your pony tail

Lurk all over and through you baby until I reach your stream

You’ll be on my jockey team





King in Flowers 


I hear they came in from the east

Black ships with cargo of disease

The corpses pile in the streets

A ring of roses at their feet


Ho ho, the seeds we sow

A gift that blossoms on skin and bone

Nurture and grow

The king in flowers cometh so


Bring out your dead ones wrapped in sheets.

Bring out your rotten and diseased

Necrotic, perfumed and sweet, he comes





This ain’t Jonestown 


I had a thought, I didn’t want to die alone

I made a family and a compound to call our home

Preached transcendence and set a date to fly, but when the day came we didn’t fucking die


Riding hard on the Devil’s back

Fallen so far that we can’t get back

Take my hand walk into the flames

Angels may call but they don’t know our names


I had a thought, we all make our own fate

Downing glasses of poisoned Kool-Aid

God her spared us so to celebrate our lives

I spent all their money and fucked all their wives


I had a thought, to force Armageddon

Fire and blood will pave our way to Heaven

Took up arms and screamed at the sky

The cops came in shooting and everyone died


I had a thought that I didn’t want to die today

It all burned as I ran away

So many have died so that I could live

It’s probably murder but God will forgive


Riding hard on the Devil’s back

Gone too far and you won’t come back

Take my place, walk into the flames

When Satan calls he know me by name

Satan he calls and he knows me by name

He knows me by name 





Mother’s Ruin


Deep, deep I draw to my lips

All cut glass and greasy fingerprints 

She takes me in a warm embrace, the only time I sleep is by her grace 

The chink, chink of the ice in the the glass reminds me that I’m alone


Pour me a glass of mother’s ruin


Sometimes she takes control

Maybe I make her angry, I don’t know

I’ve woken more than one time missing teeth

But I quite like it underneath 

‘Cause she’s always there to soothe my head 

Her voice of silk quells my impending dread


Mother, lover, friend, abuser

Breaks my heart but licks my wounds





The Gentlemen Dogs 


An open heart spills from your breast 

The nourishment needed to live

So keen of mind and sharp of wit

You can’t kill me dear, I helm the ship


We are the beautiful and the dirty ones, the gentleman dogs 


This tongue of war burns it all down

But that’s not me, no

I love you still 

To bear the load we must confess

No winged beasts and no regrets


I’ll be the soldier, you be the King 

You be the prophet and I’ll be the queen

You be without and I’ll be within 





The Last Prayer 


Run along with your tricks and your fish

Mother told me to clean my dish

Breaking bread with prophets and sylphs 

Getting down with another wretched 

Cradle rocks but it’s just the wind

You said the Devil would eat my sins

I’m always first but I never win and I’m getting grim with a lower form of life


‘Cause I don’t need you

Get your light off me

Yeah I don’t need you and I’m too drunk to pray anyway


Bought the book and I got the guilt

Burning weeds keep on whispering 

Fucking floods can’t drown this filth

And I’m bleeding out like a lower form of life

I repented all my sins

Confessed to everything

Motherfucker still won’t let me in and I’m getting dicked by a higher form of life


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